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Do we really need a Rest Area that most people only stop to do their business and then drive on?   When it is not proven nor have studies or a cost benefit analysis been made that a Rest Area would bring "customers" to our merchants?   

Do we really need a Roundabout when there have only been two minor fender-benders at this intersection in the past 10 years?  Both projects cost lots of money--whether it be your local tax dollars or from taxes taken for the state--especially now when the state needs money for education.

Between in-kind work by the city and the amount of money spent on the "draft" drawings made for these projects ($13,000), added to the amount to do these projects which were asked of the legislature, many blocks of city streets and arterials could be rebuilt or resurfaced.

Lastly DOT has no desire to build either project and would do so only because legislators are being pressed to do something for Montesano.  A good argument can be made for State DOT funds to repair or replace 3rd Street as it leads to the State Park if legislators are to be pressed.

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