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Why this website?     We needed to get our information out in time for the March 16th meeting and obtain signatures on our petition before this cost the city more money!

Can it be posted on Facebook?  Yes anyone and everyone, feel free to repost, the idea is to get people to attend this meeeing.  Please note this is time sensitive!

There is a lot of negative on this site.  Don't you have anything positive?   Well, yes we do.  The Mayor has proposed and funds are being collected to install a restroom in Fleet Park to do away with the Sani-Cans.  If the city encouraged people to turn off the highway for a RestRoom stop, they could direct the visitor to Fleet Park where the visitor would have to drive onto Pioneer Ave where businesses are located. There would be no reason to build an expensive Rest Stop Area; the city could encourange potiential business opportunities at the old Park and Ride; we could keep the grassy area for pee-wee age scoccer/football practice; and there would be no reason for an expensive and unwanted roundabout.

Who are you?   We are your neighbors, concerned of the unnecessary expense to our city of something not needed for economic development.   The city has insisted that there are no spare funds for streets and barely enough for operations.  Why waste it on unproven needs.  The Committee for Common Sense is made up with: Former Mayor's Doug Iverson and Ken Estes, Business owner Bob Bellamy and resident Rod Briggs

For more information you may email  info@committeeforcommonsense.org   
Or phone  360-249-6559  (leave message if no one answers)
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